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Since 1992, NOGAT B.V. (Northern Offshore Gas Transport) has been transporting gas from various locations on the Dutch sector of the North Sea via its own subsea pipeline system, to the onshore gas treatment station in Den Helder.

The pipeline system runs via a 24” pipeline from production platform F3-FB in block F3 to platform L2-FA in block L2. From there, the natural gas is transported further via a 36” pipeline to the gas treatment station in Den Helder, where the gas is brought to specification.

The pipeline system on the Danish continental shelf is connected to the NOGAT pipeline system via the Tyra West - F3 pipeline. This 100-kilometer long natural gas subsea pipeline connects the Danish continental shelf with the Dutch continental shelf, thus facilitating the export of Danish gas to North-West Europe.

Also the pipeline system on the German continental shelf is connected to the NOGAT pipeline system, by means of the A6-F3 connection. This 20” subsea pipeline has a total length of 118 kilometers.


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Facts & Figures

Total length of pipelines +/- 264 km
Total pipeline capacity +/- 32 million Nm³ a day
Annual gas throughput +/- 3.6 billion Nm³
Terminal capacity Treatment:
36 million Nm³ gas a day
200 to 300 m³ condensate a day
Treatment process Joule Thomson valve
System availability Avg. 99.9% over the past years



In 1987 a large gas field was discovered north of Den Helder. Based on an extensive survey carried out by ELF Petroland (the current Total E&P Nederland B.V.) and NAM B.V. the decision was made - in close cooperation with EBN - to build a 264-kilometer long NOGAT-pipeline system. The production platforms of various oil and gas companies were connected to this system, after which use of the pipeline really took off in 1992. In 2000 Wintershall connected a pipeline from the German Continental shelf to the NOGAT pipeline. In 2004 Maersk did the same for gas fields on the Danish Continental Shelf.

In 2008 GDF SUEZ E&P Nederland B.V. took over the interest of NAM in NOGAT. As of that moment they also took over the general management of the system. The daily operations of the GBI in Den Helder - part of the NOGAT system, are taken care of by NAM at the request of NOGAT.


Establishment of Northern Offshore Gastransport B.V. (NOGAT B.V.)


Commencement of the construction of the gast treatment installation at Balgzand and the laying of the 36” pipeline and 24” pipeline from the F3-FB platform to the terminal.


Start of the transportation of gas from production platform F3-FB to the gas treatment station in Den Helder.


Connection of the NOGAT extension to the German Continental Shelf for the transportation of German gas.


Completion of the pipeline from the Danish Continental Shelf with the Tyra platform and first gas and treatment of Danish gas.


GDF SUEZ takes over interest in NOGAT as well as the management from NAM B.V.


Lundin Petroleum BV sells interest in NOGAT to Centrica Production Nederland BV.


GDF SUEZ takes over part of the interest in NOGAT from Total.


PGGM takes over a part of the interest of GDF SUEZ.




ENGIE becomes Neptune Energy.


The A12 field is located in block A12 approximately 280 kilometres north of Den Helder and is the first stage of the multi-phase development of shallow gas fields in the A&B Blocks of the Dutch part of the Continental Shelf.


Centrica’s F3-FA self-installing platform (SIP) is the largest of its kind.