Northern Offshore Gas Transport


What we do

NOGAT B.V. is the owner and operator of the pipeline system NOGAT. It transports gas produced on the Danish, German and Dutch part of the continental shelf to the Dutch market. The NOGAT pipeline system consists of a pipeline from the F3-FB platform to Den Helder, including connected pipelines to Denmark and Germany, and a gas processing plant in Den Helder. NOGAT B.V. plays an important role in the implementation of the Dutch small fields policy and adds to the Dutch Gas Hub.

NOGAT B.V. offers all connected companies the ability to bridge short production stops and is able to mix gas of different quality before it is delivered to the Dutch network.

NOGAT B.V. aims to exploit the current transport and gas treatment capacity as optimal as possible by an efficient and reliable operation, thus achieving the highest level possible in gas supply.

The company, together with Neptune Energy Netherlands B.V. and NAM B.V. strives to a continuous improvement of the HSEQ aspects of the business.

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About us

Since 1992, NOGAT B.V. (Northern Offshore Gas Transport) has been transporting gas from various locations on the Dutch sector of the North Sea via its own subsea pipeline system, to the onshore gas treatment station in Den Helder.

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